Inspirational social media success stories

Inspirational social media success stories

Utilizing social media for marketing is mandatory in today’s age. If you’re not doing so, you’re actually preventing your business from reaching its full potential. Here are some social media success stories that will give you inspiration.


Peel is a cellphone case industry that sells thin mobile cases. Despite being a rather simple business, they have developed a huge market. The reason behind their success is their top notch digital marketing. One of the most prominent features of this business is the advertising. They use Facebook and other social media to broadcast advertisements that practically prove why their product is better than other similar products. They have also maintained an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that is loved by many of their followers. Lastly, Peel has a team specifically with the aim to respond to social media comments. Interaction is an opportunity you must avail on social media.


Starbucks is, without a doubt, one of the most loved coffee shops worldwide. This is not just because of the products they offer but also due to the amazing marketing strategies they adopt. The ‘my Starbuck’s idea’ campaign is one of the most famous social media success stories. The brand encouraged their online followers to head over to an online platform. Here, they could leave suggestions for new products, feedback on existing products, and any other comments they had were welcome. What excited people more than the mere platform was the fact that Starbucks actually took notice of these suggestions. The brand posted updates on how consumer feedback is being catered to by bringing changes. The feeling of being important enough to play a role in a multinational company’s policy definitely encourages brand loyalty. Their online reach and engagement boosted with this campaign. 


If you haven’t seen or at least heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you definitely live under a rock. The campaign was different because it was initiated by an individual instead of a company. A man suffering from ALS threw a bucket full of ice water of himself. The challenge became viral and there was hardly any YouTube content creator who didn’t dive in the trend. The purpose behind this challenge was to raise awareness regarding the disease. The success can be measured by the $115 million donations that were collected as a result of this campaign. The smart use of something challenging on a video platform was a great technique to grab the attention of everyone. 

Coca Cola

Coke’s “share a coke” campaign is something that no one needs introduction to. After being successful in the market, Coca Cola decided to take it a step forward by incorporating digital marketing. Firstly, a hashtag #shareacoke was started. It spread like fire in a jungle. The hashtag promoted the company’s website where people could go and design a personalized bottle of coke. There were over 125,000 posts all over the internet regarding this campaign!

If you use basic digital marketing techniques and incorporate just a little bit of creativity, your campaign could easily become one of the most famous social media success stories! 

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